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        Tianjin University comprehensively implements the national education policy, strives to realize the talent training goal of cultivating students with patriotism, a global perspective, innovative spirit, and practical abilities, on the basis of the university motto: “seeking truth from facts”.

        In order to meet the requirements of national economic and social development, Tianjin University accelerates and optimizes the structure of academic disciplines, and has set up nine disciplines with sixty one undergraduate specialties (including second bachelor degree specialties). Among them, there are twenty one experimental specialties of Excellence Programs, twenty six national characteristic specialties and six experimental programs of comprehensive specialty reform. We are strengthening our faculty team to a total of seven national distinguished teachers and nine national teaching teams. We also pay significant attention to curricula construction. On the basis of “Course Quality Enhancement Program”, TJU has established forty two national-level excellent courses, six national-level bilingual teaching demonstration courses, nine national-level excellent video open classes, and twenty five national-level excellent resource sharing classes.

        Here at TJU we attach great importance to teaching conditions, and to this end we have established seven National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers and three National Virtual Simulation centers. At present, we have over 16,600 full-time undergraduates.

        1. Teaching Achievements 

        The National Teaching Achievements Award, the highest award for teaching in China, is granted every four years. From 1989 to 2009, the awards were mainly presented for teaching achievements in higher education. From 2012, the award has been expanded to include the whole education system such as basic education (including early children’s education and special education), professional education (including higher professional education), and higher education (including higher education for adults).

        The 7th National Teaching Achievements Award (2014)

        1). Developing an international chemical engineering professional certification system, raising international competitiveness of higher education in chemical engineering

        2). Combining diversified educational resources, training energy and power engineering specialty to be international innovative talents with high quality

        3). Establishment and implementation of teaching based quality control and supervision mechanisms on the interaction between the municipal government and universities

        4). Establishing students cultivating system, developing training program to identify potential talents

        5). Research and practice on the training program for resource-based industry and environmental engineering specialty

        6). Reform and practice on basic computer education: integrating basic courses with the specialized curriculum, improving the ability in computer science thinking improving the ability in to broadly think in computer science

        7). Engineering management teaching system methods aimed at improving the managerial ability of the whole construction development period

        8). Research on teaching quality evaluation system of secondary vocational education

        9). Research and construction progress of the informationization-based digital textbook of Installation and Debugging of the Hydraulic and Pneumatic System

        For more information of teaching achievements, please click 

        2. National Outstanding Teachers  

        "The greatness of a university is not in the quantity of its grand buildings but in the brilliance of its masters." There are now seven national outstanding teachers at Tianjin University: Zhao Naiqin, Tian Yiling, Wang Bo, Feng Yaqing, Yuan Yingjin, Yu Daoyin, and Wang Qiheng. The spirit of TJU is embodied in their insurmountable knowledge, noble work ethics and remarkable achievements.

        For more information of national outstanding teachers, please click 

        3. Undergraduate Employment 

        Tianjin University (TJU) is a national key university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education of China.  The university is well known for its motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts” and under its guideline of “Precise in Learning, Strict in Teaching” conducts scholarly research rigorously.

        TJU has contributed significantly to the establishment of the industrial system and the training of talents of science and technology in the modern history of China. It is therefore honored as the cradle for scientific, technological, and industrial talents in the modern era.

        The graduates of TJU are sought after at home and abroad for their innovative abilities, diligent work ethics, practical skills and their pursuit of excellence. Since 2004, the employment rate of TJU’s graduates has been over 98%, ranking one of the highest amongst all universities in China.

        With an employment rate of over 98% TJU graduates have successfully gained employment with organizations including Key State-owned Enterprises, Party and Government Organizations and Key Public Institutions, Military Industrial Enterprises, Key Financial Institutions, People’s Liberation Army and Related Associated Institutions, Renowned Private Enterprises, and Sino-foreign Joint Ventures.

        Year of Graduation Number of Graduates  Employment Rate

         2004  3302  98.13%

        2005  3271  98.13%

        2006  3543  98.07%

        2007  3566 98.01%

        2008  3891  98.66%

        2009  3630 98.41%

        2010  3673  99.02%

        2011  3671 98.61%

        2012  3673  99.16%

        2013  3670  99.08%

        2014  3826 99.01%

         2015  3875 98.19%

        For more information of undergraduate employment, please click 

        4. Practice Teaching 

        1). National level experiment teaching demonstration center

        Adhering to the fine tradition “take practice as priority” and combing with our school’s discipline characteristic engineering-oriented and science and engineering combined, TJU makes full use of advantages in engineering education and by increasing capital investment, publishing related policies and measures and improve lab management and operation mechanism, etc, to comprehensively speed up lab construction and experiment teaching reform. Since 2005, 6 national level experiment teaching demonstration centers (demonstration center construction unit) have been successively approved.

        2). National level engineering practice teaching center

        Engineering practice teaching centre is an important support of engineering practice ability training. Universities and enterprises jointly construct engineering practice teaching center is an essential reform for China promoting “excellent engineer training plan”. Till June 2012, national level engineering practice teaching center was approved, which is jointly applied by TJU and 12 enterprises and public institutions.

        3). National level virtual simulation experiment teaching center

        Chemistry and chemical engineering virtual simulation experiment teaching center was approved as national level virtual simulation experiment teaching center in 2004.The center has integrated all virtual stimulation experiment teaching resources of chemistry and chemical engineering and all those resources and information can be shared in center website. Unit operations of chemical engineering and chemical process virtual simulation experiment have played an important role in teaching practice. And the practical simulation software co-developed with enterprises also contributes a lot in every year’s student practice, personnel training of petrochemical industry, and skill certification.

        For more information of practice teaching, please click  


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