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        1. Overview

        Tianjin University (former known as Peiyang University) recruited the first batch of postgraduates in 1935, and conferred master degree to three graduates in the summer of 1937.

        Since the 1950s, TJU has become one of the largest engineering universities in China. In 1955, TJU resumed the recruitment of postgraduates, and became an important national base for the training of highly skilled engineering talents.

        In 1981, TJU was authorized by the State Council as one of the first universities in China to confer doctoral and master degrees. On December 17th, 1984, TJU established the Graduate School, among the first 22 universities in China ever to do so.

        Over nearly 30 years, the Graduate School of TJU has made remarkable achievements in the training of high-level specialists in various fields. Up to now, 6,214 doctoral and 38,746 master candidates have received their degrees. Currently, there are 2,953 doctoral and 10,139 master candidates at TJU studying under 35 master degree programs (first level discipline) and 27 doctoral degree programs (first level discipline).

        In the 2012 National Discipline Assessment by Ministry of Education of China, five disciplines of TJU ranked top three and eight ranked top 5, with Chemical Engineering ranking No.1 for the third time.

        To learn more about the admissions, scholarships, services, and alumni, please click to visit the website of School of International Education (SIE), Tianjin University.

        2. Graduate Programs

        The Master’s programs of Tianjin University usually need 2-3 years, and doctoral programs require 4 years. The programs are delivered in Chinese or English. The admission criteria are based on academic background and capability review and interview.

        In the academic year 2017-2018, there will be 118 Master’s and 68 doctoral programs open to the international students. In particular, ten of the Master’s programs and one of the doctoral programs are offered in English.

        Application schedule for Graduate Programs 2017: late February to June 30, 2016

        For Detailed Program information and application, please click

        Welcome to Tianjin University, Tianjin, China 




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