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        1. Overview

        Tianjin University (TJU) adheres to the mission of training high caliber talents with innovative abilities, and at the same time combines education and research with social service. While emphasizing moral quality as the prioritized element in education, the university maintains a multidisciplinary system for the well-rounded development of students. The University offers 57 undergraduate programs, including but not limited to Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law and Medicine.

        In recent years, TJU graduates’ employment rate upon graduation has always been leading in the nation (over 98% in 2015). TJU graduates are thought highly by both employers and foreign professors for their innovative spirit and professional quality when they take up a profession or pursue a higher degree abroad. Besides, TJU undergraduates have outstanding performances in numerous competitions and contests at home and abroad and have won 168 national awards and 59 international awards. In 2009, the Bachelor of Engineering degree program in Chemical Engineering was accredited by IchemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers), as the first IchemE-accredited university in China.

        Currently, TJU has started a comprehensive engineering education reform, the aim of which is to educate graduates with global competitiveness, creativity and leadership. Under this initiative, the engineering innovative talents training system undergirding by three systems (Quality System, Ability System and Knowledge System) and one supporting platform (Engineering Innovative Environment) are being developed. The quality of graduates has achieved continuous improvement.

        To learn more about the admissions, scholarships, services, and alumni, please click to visit the website of School of International Education (SIE), Tianjin University.

        2. Undergraduate Programs

        The undergraduate programs of TJU have a schooling system of 4 years, except that the architecture program requires 5 years. The programs are delivered in Chinese or in English. For programs taught in Chinese, the international applicants need to be skilled at Chinese language, the proficiency of which is evidenced by the certificate of HSK band 5 or above. For Programs taught in English, the international applicants need to be skilled at English language, the proficiency of which is evidenced by the certificate of IELTS band 6 or TOFEL band 80 at least. The admission criteria are based on a combination of academic records, recommendation, interview, and other documents such as the scores of the national college entrance exam of home country.

        In the academic year 2017-2018, there will be 57 undergraduate programs open to the international students. In particular, three of the undergraduate programs are offered in English.

        Application schedule for Undergraduate Programs 2017: From late February to June 30, 2017.

        For Detailed Program information and application, please click

        Welcome to Tianjin University, Tianjin, China 




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