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        1. To whom we issue TJU Pre-admission Letter 

        TJU Pre-admission Letter is issued by the Admission Team of International Admissions Office to support your scholarship/sponsorship application to the other authorities in your home country, such as: 

        - To the dispatching authority in your home country while applying for Chinese Government Scholarship – Bilateral Program. 

        - To the intuition/authority concerned in your home country for sponsoring your further study in China. 

        Candidates who have received financial support or scholarship are welcome to contact us for the TJU Pre-admission Letter to complete your application procedures. 

        Please note: 

        Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (CUP) should NOT request the Pre-admission Letter for submitting back to TJU. 

        2. How to get TJU Pre-admission Letter

        1). Send us all the required documents to our email: [email protected] ;

        2). Or submit the required documents in hard copies in person to the International Admissions Office of TJU.

        For the eligible applicants, we will issue the TJU Pre-admission Letter in 7 working days upon receiving the documents.  

        3. Documents Required for Pre-admission

        1). Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Program -Bilateral Program. (or Application Form for Home Country Program)

        2). Photocopy of Passport

        3). Highest diploma or degree certificate; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still studying at school; 

        4). Official transcript;

        5).  Study Plan or Research Proposal (Graduate students only);

        Welcome to Tianjin University, Tianjin, China







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