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        Tianjin University offer short-term programs in summer or winter to the international students. The programs range from one week to one month, and the courses are either major-related or focusing on Chinese language and culture.

        1. TJU International Summer School (TJUISS)

        TJUISS program

        The programs are open to university students (>18 years old) of all nationalities and academic background. Our programs enable students to obtain first-hand experience, college credits, and cultural exploration within an international setting based on academic and personal growth. 

        Program Structure
        Module 1
        . Chemcial Engineering

        Module 2. Research Placement
        Module 3. Enterprise Internship

        Lodging & Dining

        Four lodging options are provided:

        1). BLD 42 - Tianjin University Hostel(42斋), 2). Start Epoch Hotel(启元酒店),

        3). Yi Jing Hotel(怡景酒店), 4). Jin Bin Hotel(晋滨酒店)

        How to Apply
        Application Documents
        1). Application Form (please refer to the attachment),

        2). Identification photo (in JPG format)
        3). A photocopy of your passport page with personal information and photo,

        4). A photocopy of your highest academic diploma and academic transcript ,

        5). Certificate for HSK-6 (if applicable) 

        How to Pay
        The registration fee of 100 USD is due with the initial application for the program, which should be paid with application and is non-refundable. The Tuition / Internship fee, lodging, field tripand administration fee will be charged AFTER receiving the Letter of Acceptance.

        2. Chinese Language Summer School

        Chinese Language Summer School of Tianjin University aims to offer international students a valuable opportunity to visit China and experience China. You are here not only to learn Chinese language, but also to experience the brilliant Chinese culture and civilization in an immersive and enjoyable environment, where you can build your confidence in speaking Chinese.

        Application Time

        1 April - 17 June

        Course and Activities
        Chinese Language: Everyday Chinese expressions are taught according to your Chinese language proficiency.

        Cultural Experience: Cultural courses include Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese paper cutting, Seal Cutting, Tai-chi,Martial Arts, etc.

        Sightseeing Tours: Visit Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, Nanshi Food Street, Tianjin Museum and Tianjin Cultural Center.

        For more information about the summer/winter programs and application procedure, please clikc


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