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        1. Enjoy Spring Festival on Campus with our Faculty, holidays are no longer lonely.

        It is tradition for Tianjin University to provide Spring Festival’s presents and a reunion dinner to students who stay on campus instead of returning home during the winter holiday. Every New Year’s Eve, the canteens on campus are decorated with traditional spring festival ornaments, and a festive atmosphere is all around. Accompanied by the Party Secretary of the University CPC Standing Committee, the president, and other college directors, the students have a reunion dinner for the Lunar New Year’s Eve and celebrate a warm new year. Since the dual campuses of Tianjin University being operating in 2015, TJU takes the students who study in Peiyang Park Campus to the Weijin Road campus by bus. The foreign professors and the international students are invited to the Lunar New Year’s Eve gala as well. Everyone enjoys playing games, making dumplings and receiving gifts together.


        During the Lunar New Year’s Eve Gala, everyone makes dumplings together, the president hands out lucky money and presents gifts, and a lucky draw is held to present random gifts to everyone that enters. The university directors drew the prizes, and presented gifts to the lucky students. Meanwhile, every student is given lucky money and blessings by the president, and he blessed the students sincerely stating that ‘One year has passed, I hope all of you will achieve new progress in the New Year.!’

        2. Annual Awards Ceremony for Excellent Students and Advanced Groups

        Tianjin University annually holds a grand awards ceremony for excellent students and advanced groups which is an important educative way to emphasize model education by encouraging students to study hard and rewarding their progress.


        The students’ influence develops during the selection each year. A Student Financial Assistance Management work-shop has been established, in which students are the core members. The work-shop plays a substantial role in the selection of  scholarships and offers scholarships for encouragement. It makes full use of the Wechat platform to promote examples of outstanding students, which develops a competitive yet friendly atmosphere of “competition for excellent study, constant pursuit of advancement.” 


        3. Create Variety and Enjoy the Art: Autumn Fruit Festival of Tianjin University 

        Every autumn, a Fruit Culture Day is held on both the Peiyang Park campus and the Weijin Road campus. It integrates creativity, communication, and participation, while also being a feast of fruit. 

        Fruit Carnival

        The Fruit Carnival includes various activities such as ring throwing, guess and run, fruit removing, fruit weighing, fruit linking, fruit feeding, a song lyrics quiz,  bowling, fruit camera bellowing, ping-pong picking, bottle cap pushing, darts, and pictionairy. The carnival is not only popular among students, but also among teachers and passersby. 

        Fruit Carving and Fruit Salad Competition

        During every Fruit Cultural Day, the students will recreate fruits using any materials they can find. They post their work on social media, which always draws a lot of attention. The school badge and the gate of the Weijin Road Campus are the most popular inspiration for the fruit carving competition, whilst other students who are good at cooking make various fruit salads. The “Crazy Pomelo” has become the symbol of Tianjin University’s “Fruit Project”. 


        Color Filling - Peiyang Park Campus

        When it comes to coloring, you may have heard of the Secret Garden, which is prevalent in Asia. But at TJU, the students colored their new campus. After about four hours working, dozens of students finished coloring a tremendous map of the Peiyang campus, including all the buildings on its axial, which is 5 meter in length and 3.6 meter in width. 


        Fruit Feast: A Grand Expo of Hundreds of Fruits

        As you can see from the image all kinds of fruits were cut in small pieces and put in the plates carefully, providing a feast of fruit. Papaya, avocado, passion fruit, pineapple, longan, pear, cantaloupe, red pitaya, grape, banana, persimmon, durian, mango, apple and more than forty kinds of fruits were exhibited in line, which broadens students’ knowledge of various fruits as well as allowing them to taste different fruits. 

        Fruit Buffet: a Platform for Students’ Communication

        The Committee of the “Fruit Project” held a Fruit Buffet in order to establish a platform for students to communicate with each other. During the activity, the committee invited the candidates of the Model Student Competition to exchange their ideas, and they also held an exhibition of the candidates’ experience that attracted many students to vote. 


        4. Tianjin University’s Excellent Homework and Notes Selection 

        “Excellent Homework and Notes” is an activity aimed at carrying forward and developing Tianjin University’s school motto of “seeking truth from facts” and the guideline of “Precise in Learning, Strict in Teaching”, cultivating a proper attitude towards learning. The directors of Tianjin University participated in the activity as judges. 


        The teachers all believed that excellent notes should contain both substantial content and an attractive page layout, meanwhile the content should not only contain  learning from the class but also reflect the student’s own thinking. The notes which have beautiful handwriting, clear marks and good analysis were in favor with the judges.

        5. Tianjin University’s Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

        With a total area of more than 8000 square meters, Tianjin University’s Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center is composed of two subdivisions on Weijin Road campus and Peiyang Park campus. It has many functional zones, like a coffee house, demonstration areas, the consultation service center, joint offices, conference rooms and classrooms for entrepreneurial lectures. It can provide students who want to start a business with free workstations, free Wi-Fi access, legal consultation and company registration services, and even the start-up money.


        To date, 17 innovation and entrepreneurship bases have been built in the center with an innovation fund of 3.4 billion yuan being raised . Thirty-nine various student innovation laboratories have been set up, and the total number of undergraduate research funds adds up to 20 million yuan in five years. Thus far, 8805 undergraduates have entered these innovation laboratories, having published 179 articles and applied for 126 patents. Altogether, the center has trained 94 innovation and entrepreneurship teams that lead to the registration of 47 enterprises.


        In August 2015, the Weijin Road campus subdivision of the center was certified among the first batches of entrepreneurial space in Tianjin municipality. In November of the same year, it was selected as the first batch of national science and technology entrepreneurial space. In 2016, Peiyang Park campus subdivision was given the credit of Tianjin “Class A (Excellent) University Entrepreneurial Space”. Tianjin University was the only one in Tianjin rated as “National Experienced Universities in Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in 2016 by the Ministry of Education and “First Batch of the Demonstration Colleges in Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform”.




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